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Walking Safaris in Kenya

walking safari

There is nothing as exciting as experiencing nature first-hand in a Walking Safari in Kenya’s magnificent stretch of wildlife. It gives you a unique chance of rediscovering the spirit of adventure that haunts Africa in its entirety.  A walking safari in Kenya is an absolute delight, and tourists love it for the camping experience that goes hand in hand with it. You get to experience the open skies of the African continent from the lovely bushes of Kenya’s game parks and reserves whilst enjoying the culture of the local communities.

A safari walk in Kenya puts you in the middle of natural habitats of wild animals where you can trace them as they go out in their day to day routine. You itinerary can lead to climbing rocky outcrops revealing unbelievably awesome sceneries of remarkable plains and plateaus such as, the surrounds of the renowned Maasai Mara.

Kenya’s game reserves are incomparable to all the sight-seeing that you have experienced before for there all the diverse that you could ever think of in its wilderness. A walking safari in Kenya guarantees you a close- up- and-personal interaction with wildlife that you cannot get in a game drive. With a walking safari encounter, you are actually to experience wildlife at a close distance, whereby you can get a picturesque sight of wild animals such as rare birds, zebras and bush backs at a stone throw.

Typically, a walking safari in Kenya is highly education since you will be in the company of a tour guide who will certainly explain to you the various wildlife species, their behaviours and the cultural orientation of the local communities of the particular you set you walking safari to.

The best thing about a walking safari in Kenya is that there are vast, relatively flat grounds which offer great room for walking great distances to stretch your legs. However, it does not mean that you are going to exhaust yourself for there are short walking safaris that last a few hours. If you are going to take the time to enjoy a walking safari it is best to book a custom safari for a walking adventure tailor made to match your physical fitness.

There is a variety of walking safari routes in the country especially in wildlife conservancies, and the walking safari guides available in these tourist attractions will surely guide you to an adventure of a lifetime. Although walking safaris are relatively a new thing in Kenya, the country’s breathtaking sceneries have everything that befits a rewarding experience of nature.

Usually, walking safaris in Kenya feature very lovely and luxurious camp sites which are qualified by the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association.  It is an ideal way to experience the culture, land sceneries and the unique wildlife of Kenya which focus much more on wildlife species on top of the big game.

For a proper walking safari in Kenya, you should consider choosing a tour operator with experience and knowledge of the specific camps and game reserves or conservancies that accommodate walking safaris in Kenya.