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Tips for an African Budget Safari

An African Safari is one of the most fulfilling adventures one can take.  An African Budget safari is an exciting gateway to watching wildlife such as the springing over of impala herds, elephants splashing water and giraffes browsing in the savannah vegetation. Encountering nature’s most primal wildlife is a great way to vacation and experience nature. However, it is hard to come across a cost-friendly safari package given their rich and well-deserved pricing. In fact, safari packages are tolerably expensive.

Nonetheless, you do not have to give up on going for a safari due to budget limitations. A luxurious safari can be an elusive dream, but there are less popular creative options to plan and afford an African safari without spending a fortune.

The first planning tactic to make your safari cost-effective involves booking your safari trip during the low season.  This season offers a great bargain in price since the costs are approximately 30% cheaper and the wildlife gets more exciting since birthing occurs during this season. In addition, the wet season is free from dust although most areas are muddy during this time. However, the wet season also offers beautiful cloud-cover over the sky which make sunsets picture-perfect. It is also worth noting that some safari destinations such as Kenya’s Maasai Mara are accessible and favourable for wildlife viewing throughout the year.

The most popular safari tours in Africa are in set in East Africa, which has two rainy seasons distributed in the months of March to June, and October to December. Choosing a travel package planned around these two seasons will allow you to book your vacation at discount prices, which are significantly lower than the standard pricing set for the high season.

During the low season, you can enjoy the pleasure of watching the wildebeest migration from Kenya to Tanzania in the Northern Serengeti which is located south of the Maasai.

Africa has thousands of options in offers of safari camps and lodges. Fortunately, they range from basic hotels to ultra-luxury hotels and simplistic bush-camp tents with personal-custom furnish to meet a quality safari experience. These options are the perfect fit for a cost-conscious traveller that will significantly benefit your safari planning to lower the expenses. You can easily find a personalized accommodation service that comes with well-done meals and an array of other necessities for approximately half the normal price at iSafari online. Isafari is a pool of affordable camps, lodges of different prices and star-ratings. It is also an avenue that offers decent and reputable low-cost camps to choose from which can cost about one-third, the price of other luxury and major camps. The Pelo camp is one compelling example.

You can easily enjoy the luxury and pleasure of a fully serviced camping, by planning your safari as a participatory camping safari. You can actually cost your safari costs by a huge margin, through opting for a participatory safari, which is typically known as “overlanding.”  This arrangement requires you to prepare your own meals, do your laundry, and shift from open-sided trucks, to 4x4s in a group of about 20 participants.  Truck-based camps are also an equal and ideal setup for participatory safari camps and are accorded two guides and the convenience of a cook.

With the aforementioned tips, you can easily score a cheap African safari for your vacation.