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Six places to visit for honeymoon in Kenya

A couple on a honeymoon vacation in Kenya

You do not have to worry about finding an ideal place to enjoy a romantic honeymoon. There are ideal honeymoon destinations in Kenya which have unique prerequisites such as beautiful white sand beaches, which offer ideal privacy, splendid beds, elegant dining and other extravagant amenities that will make your honeymoon extraordinary. This article highlights world-class destinations for an unforgettable honeymoon in Kenya.

Pinewood Beach Resort

Pinewood Beach Resort and Spa is located on the beatific shores of the warm Indian Ocean in Mombasa. The beach resort is suitable for newlyweds. The stylish destination offers exceptional services and many fascinating activities for couples to enjoy. Relax at the beach, swim in the lovely swimming pool, and enjoy fine dining in the peaceful environment. Pinewood Beach Resort has a lot to offer newly wedded couples that they will not believe the sheer fun that Kenya has to offer.

Diani Reef

Diani Reef lies securely within the Southern Kenyan Coastline in Mombasa. This is a destination where you can enjoy a memorable and wonderful get-away. Diani Reef has some magic that will add up to your honeymoon experience. It serves magnificent views of natural beauty in the coastal environment, and the unspoiled sand beaches along the Indian Ocean.

Msabweni Beach House

Msabweni Beach House is located in Msabweni. It is an ideal honeymoon destination with calm surroundings. There are many fascinating activities to make your honeymoon quite memorable, with activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, dolphin watching, and motorized watersports. You can also partake in sailing in a local fishing dhow, golf playing and mountain biking, deep sea fishing and fire place chatting. Msabweni Beach House creates an emotion that reflects Kenya’s heritage and also gives a unique atmosphere for newlyweds with its undeniable romantic theme.

Swahili Beach Resort

Swahili Beach Resort is located on Diani beach in Mombasa. It is a perfect place to visit for newlyweds as they celebrate the start of a new life. The beach resort offers a great combination of privacy, luxury and relaxation. One can take a stroll on the beautiful white sand beach, swim in the beautiful pool, and enjoy unique Swahili class dining. Swahili Beach Resort is actually a paradise on its own.

Saruni Samburu

Saruni Samburu is located on Kalama Mountains few kilometers from the Northern border of Samburu National Reserve. The lodge has a quiet environment and offers sheer luxury that is ideal for newlyweds. The lodge is accessible and affordable too. There are many activities to do at Saruni Samburu to keep the excitement going as you experience romance and wildlife nature in Samburu.

Almanara Beach Resort

Almanara Beach Resort is located on Diani Beach in Mombasa. It is an ideal destination for luxury, romance and privacy. You get infected with excitement upon arrival at this beach as there are a wide range of activities to make your honeymoon memorable. The major activities include scuba diving, swimming, snorkelling and a complete island experience. The resort also serves outstanding cuisine and a combination of luxury in everything around the customer service.

With all the destinations mentioned above you will agree with me that Kenya is a haven of fun and pleasure. Any newly wedded couple can enjoy the start of their new life in style and also make lasting memories during their honeymoon get-away.