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Pa Pweza Adamsville Beach Suites


Pa Pweza Adamsville Beach Suites is a luxurious stylish and exclusive boutique family oriented resort poised above soft white sands on a glorious stretch of coastline, overlooking a turquoise sea…. a paradise waiting for you. ‘Pa Pweza’ is a Swahili name meaning ‘The Place of the Octopus’ reminiscent of the fact that octopuses used to inhabit the beach. ‘Pa Pweza’s’ architectural design blends with the Swahili and Arab culture yet giving one a contemporary feel. Pa Pweza boasts of having one of the cleanest white sandy beach frontages in Mombasa.

The Pweza Restaurant is a modern brasserie that delivers friendly attentive service and delicious food and cocktails. The contemporary menu features flavours from around the globe, including delicious dishes from


around Africa and the desserts are to die for! It is also perfect for a quick lunch offering a quick lunch menu for those in a hurry. The atmosphere is a blend of sophisticated elegance and casual hip. While you are here please do not miss the opportunity to try our signature pweza (octopus) dish

Is a terrific bar set around the pool giving you the luxury to enjoy a drink while seated in the pool or around it. It offers a variety of the best cocktails and mouthwatering bar snacks. The open bar provides a lively comfortable place to relax as you enjoy the tropical sun.