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Mara Serena Safari Lodge


An interpretation of a traditional Maasai Manyatta village of domed huts, Mara Serena Safari Lodge is set on the saddle of a hill where it overlooks the 1,800 square kilometers of rolling plains, woodlands and rivers that make up the Masai Mara Triangle – one of the world’s richest wildlife sanctuaries. The lodge has a spectacular view of the surrounding landscape or the game and birdlife that inhabit it. It is on this very terrain stretching endlessly before the lodge where the annual migrations take place, where millions of wildebeest, zebra and gazelle traverse the landscape to feed on the rich new grass and give birth to their young.


An architectural echo of the traditonal Maasai manyatta of domed huts, the guest rooms of Mara Serena are styled and arranged to blend into the natural landscape. Every room is an individual “hut” – spread out to give each one uninterrupted views of the plains, the meandering riverine forest and the silhouetted hills beyond.

The main dining room is spectacularly decorated in three large domes and three small ones resembling enlarged Maasai manyattas. Sumptuous international menus, buffets and barbecues are served to guests alongside authentic African dishes. The full-service lounge and bar located in the main building serves fresh fruit juices, soft drinks, tea and coffee, cocktails, wines, spirits and liqueurs.