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Kenyan Food

Ugali Served With Fish-Kenyan Food

Kenya is home to various irresistible dishes which are undeniably tasty and popular among the local people and visitors.  Below are top 10 dishes in Kenya.

  1. Nyama Choma

Nyama Choma is a favourite delicacy among the Kenyan people. Its literal meaning is actually “burned meat.” It is simply any meat slow-cooked over hot coal until it is read for serving. It is usually seasoned with salt and served with kachumbari among other accompaniments such as rice or ugali.

  1. Irio

Irio is top among the most popular dishes in Kenya. This dish is native to the Kikuyu people of Central Kenya. It is simply made up of mashed potatoes, green peas, maize and organic vegetables.

  1. Pilau

Pilau is arguably the most popular dish among urban dwellers in Kenya? The Pilau dish is native to the coastal people of Kenya, especially the Swahili. It is made of meat, rice and various flavour among them cardamom, cinnamon, cumin, cloves and many more. There are different ways of cooking Pilau, but the most common method involves frying the meat in oil, and then mixing it with rice and pouring some water to boil until the two are ready for serving.

  1. Matoke

The matoke dish is native to the communities of Western Kenya. However, it is popular among most parts of Kenya and is simply made with plain bananas cooked with potatoes, onions and garlic. The cooking involves boiling the plantain bananas until they form a thick stew. It is served with either rice or Ugali.

  1. Chapatti

Chapatti is a popular delicacy in Kenya. It is typically flat pan-fried bread that is native to the Indians who settled in Kenya. The chapatti is made from wheat flour which is made into dough and flattened out into a round circle. It is quite the favourite delicacy for social occasions and is served with either meat stew or vegetable stew.

  1. Ugali

Ugali is like Kenya’s national Anthem! It is basically the country’s staple food and makes the daily meal for most families in Kenya! It is made from corn flour and prepared by boiling water and adding the flour to it until it becomes a consistently thick block. It is served with vegetable stew, but meat stew is also commonly paired with ugali.

  1. Githeri

Githeri is a simple meal made from a mixture of maize and beans. It is made by boiling the mixture of beans and maize together. Once they the two ingredients have been cooked and softened the meal is then fried with some seasoning items such as spices and vegetables.

  1. Bajias

Although Bajias are not a common dish among many Kenya they are quite a dominant dish especially among urban dwellers. The bajias are a native food of the Indians who settled in Kenya. It is simply a dish of spruced French fries. It is typically made up of potatoes sliced up and treated with seasoning ingredients and deep-fried to make a delicious serving.