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Kenya Safari Safety Tips

Kenya Safari Safety Tips

Diligent tour operators make it their business to assure their clientele that the areas of travel they suggest to them are safe. However, apart from the information your tour operator may offer you, it is really a personal responsibility to stay safe during your travel.  As a traveller it is not only sensible, but also important to take safety measures to ensure your safety while travelling to Kenya. Truly, every safari has a sense of danger, and although that is what drives the intrigue, and the excitement to explore the wild you should, nevertheless mind your safety.

Here are some helpful safari safety tips to observe while travelling.

First, if you are going on a game drive safari, ensure that:

  • You always remain in your vehicle while driving through the game park, and only get out at the designated stop points only. This will shield you from fatalities that result from wandering in the park and encountering a wild animal unexpectedly. In fact, most attacks on tourists happen when people leave their vehicle and wander anyhow without proper guidance and adherence to the rules of the game parks
  • Drive slowly and be mindful to avoid possible accidents either due to poor weather or unfamiliarity with the terrain of the game park or reserve you have toured. In most cases, the wet season presents a challenge for tourists driving themselves through game parks and the vehicle may skid or run into a ditch. It is also possible to lose track of the pathways in the park meant for the game drive trucks due to poor vision caused by foggy and misty weather. You might also encounter an animal along the track made for the game drive trucks and this poses a real threat to your safety, but simply stopping is enough as the animal will just pass you by like any other obstacle.
  • Ensure that your vehicle windows are always closed. With your car windows closed you are safe from the harassment of wild game such as baboons, and monkeys which habitually like to trick and play with tourists when you come close to them.

However, if you are on a walking safari, the rules are different. Although there is no way you can go a walking trip with the guidance of a tour guide side by side there definitely some moments, which you will be on your and it is possible to encounter a wild animal while you all alone.  Here are some tips to ensure that you stay safe during your trip:

  • First, if you encounter a hostile animal, slow down and move at a slower pace or stand still while staying downwind from the animal.
  • Second, if the animal seems threatened by your presence or hostile, attempt to walk away slowly and silently
  • Third, keep the company of your mates and do not wander far off from them and the tour guide. By so doing, you will have someone to assist you in case you encounter a life-threatening animal or incident while walking.

The above tips may not be conclusive, but there are surely going to keep you safe while on your walking safari in Kenya.