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Kenya Safari – Reasons why you should visit Kenya

Thought we should share a few reasons why a Kenya Safari should be at the top of your bucket list . For adventure seekers, Kenya is such a melting point for indefinite fun characterized by animal safaris, bird watching, windsurfing, mountain climbing and water skiing. Kenya is a land of great diversity and inimitable beauty. In addition, Kenya is rich in traditional culture as well as natural coastline ecology

Below are 12 reasons you should make a trip to Kenya sooner than later.

1. A safari Trip experience

kenya flamingoes - lake naivasha

Ideally, first-time visitors to Kenya think of the country as a safari destination and this is quite true. Kenya offers a great view of the wildlife in the Savannah as well as up close and personal experience with animals in the wild to spark a bespoke experience.  Kenya’s Maasai Mara which is the home of the wildebeest migration is such a quintessential example herein.

2. Bio-diversity

Kenya’s diversity of wildlife is hailed as the world’s most unique habitations which are supported by mutually-bidding partnerships between the local communities and the conservancy agencies. This sense of eco-tourism is matched by a contrast of beautiful landscapes that offer a unique experience for tourists as they take pleasure in Kenya’s quality of remarkable culture and hospitality.

3.  Romantic escape destinations

Since the age of colonization, Kenya has earned the attention of explorers due to its favorable and unique sceneries which include volcanic landscapes, savannah plains, majestic mount peaks, meandering rivers as well as dense forest amidst wetlands. Besides, Kenya hosts one of the most diverse marine life in the African continent and breath-taking coral reefs in its sun-kissed beaches which qualify for a romantic getaway setup.

4. A melting pot of ancient artifacts

Kenya is a key archeological site of interest to anthropologists and archeologists and the world has come to know it as the source of the earliest artifacts on humanity as in the evolution of man. There are currently dozens of internationally-approved archeological sites that you can visit in Kenya to experience the ancient history of mankind first-hand. The Kobi Fora and the Mfangango Island situated in Lake Victoria are top on the most popular sites.

5. Underwater experience

Kenya’s landscape and marine life are not only popular, but also world-class. In fact, Kenya is home to the second largest coral reef in the world which stretches about 140kilometres in equatorial Africa! Needless to say it has numerous snorkeling sites in secure reserves such as the Mombasa Marine and the Kisite Mpugnuti Marine parks, which offer a fantastic deep sea experience.

6. White sand beaches

The Kenyan coastline offers the ultimate dream beach experience with its turquoise waters. The Kenyan coastline lies on the edges of the Indian Ocean with long stretches of white sand with exotic species of marine life unique to Kenya. This creates a serene environment for a vacation as you savor the exciting culture of the Swahili people.

7. Solitary Islands

Apart from its sandy beaches, Kenya’s stand-alone islands offer another superior reason why you should make a trip to this beautiful country. Lamu Island is among Kenya’s enchanting sceneries off the mainland which boasts of 13th century architecture with an otherworldly attention to Arabian architecture and well-preserved artifacts.

8.  Experiential experiences with the coastal Swahili cultures

Kenya has a profound plethora of cultures and tribal groups that open up a world that is never featured on the typical travel features. At the coast, there are Swahili people who are a blend of Bantus and the Oman Arabs with a unique lifestyle and social-cultural. These people have a well-knit social structure that you can blend in and enjoy their melodious music no to mention their sweet delicacies.

9. Classic bird-watching experience

Kenya boasts of vast hectares of wetlands and lakes in the vast rift valley province which is home to diverse and very beautiful species of birds such as flamingos, pelicans, black heron, whit egrets, kingfishers and cormorants. All these unique birds are within reach in Lake Nakuru, Lake Elementaita, Lake Bogoria as well as Lake Baringo.

10. The great wildebeest migration

If you are keen on world wonders, you have probably watched or heard of the great wildebeest migration. This phenomenon happens in Kenya every year from the vast Maasai Mara to the Serengeti down in Tanzania. This is an opportunity to experience real-life documentary of nature first-hand.

11. First-hand experience of assorted and endangered wildlife species

Kenya is home to distinct wildlife parks and reserves which host diverse populations of game on the planet. Some of the unique species to enjoy are Somali ostriches, reticulate giraffes, beisa oryxes, grevy’s zebras and gerenuks, which are housed in the Samburu National Reserve. This is arguably an exclusive experience that is only to be found in Kenya.

12. The general climate of the country

Kenya is an equatorial country that boats of a tropical climate that is generally warm throughout the year with plenty of sunlight and spectacular sunsets within its borders. Therefore, you do not have to worry about extreme weather conditions catching up with you during your vacation or short-term trip.