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General Information About Kenya

Kenya Map

Kenya is a scenic country located along the equator and borders Ethiopia to the North, Tanzania to the south, Sudan to the North West, Uganda to the West and the Indian Ocean to the East.


Kenya’s geography is marked by the Great Rift Valley which cuts through the country from the North to the South. There are four main distinct geographical regions that Kenya can be identified by.

The first is the Northern deserts region.

The North Deserts region features Lake Turkana and the vast Laikipia Plateau.

The second region is the Southern Savannah region.

The Southern Savannah region features the Maasai Mara and the Great Rift Valley.

The third coast is known as the Coastal lowlands.

The coastal lowlands of Kenya feature the Mombasa town and other smaller coastal town, which border the Indian Ocean.

The fourth major geographical region is the Kenya Highlands.

The Kenya highlands feature the Mount Kenya regions and its environs.


Kenya’s official languages are Kiswahili and English. The English language is more popular than Kiswahili and it is more used in the urban areas and public institutions. However, very few people use the national languages in their rural communities; they opt for their mother tongue instead.


The local currency in Kenya is Kenyan Shillings and there are easily exchange for foreign currencies at major banks and forex exchange bureaus. The financial institutions in Kenya accept major world currencies and credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard.


Kenya is generally a tropical climate. It is characteristically warm and relatively humid. It is cold in the morning and its necessary to wear a sweater. The sun gets quite hot during mid-morning to late afternoon. The coastal part of the country is unique and casts a more tropical climate than the rest of the country. However, Kenya has two main weather seasons consisting of the rainy season and dry season.


Clothing in Kenya is quite informal and lightweight clothes are made to match the weather. However, morning hours and late evening are cold and it is necessary to dress warmly.


Kenya has a reputable network of roads among them highways and superhighways in major towns especially Nairobi. Most drivers drive on the left and foreigners are required to bring international driving license.

Telecommunication infrastructure

Kenya has a modern telecommunication infrastructure, which offers telephone, fax and email services as well as satellite television. Most hotels and lodges have wireless internet connections and satellite television installed. There is also internal direct dialing for telephone services.


Kenya’s history dates back to the Stone Age covering a record of the cultural development of mankind in prehistoric times. There are numerous world-renowned archeological sites in Kenya that are rich in the history of man in the Stone Age period and Neolithic era. Fast forward, the history of Kenya in the colonial era dates back to the ninetieth century when the British took over the country and exploited its resources until the middle of the 20th century when the country earned its independence.