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Walking Safaris in Kenya

There is nothing as exciting as experiencing nature first-hand in a Walking Safari in Kenya’s magnificent stretch of wildlife. It gives you a unique chance of rediscovering the spirit of adventure that haunts Africa in its entirety.  A walking safari in Kenya is an absolute delight, and tourists love it for the camping experience that […] Read more
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Kenya Safari Safety Tips

Diligent tour operators make it their business to assure their clientele that the areas of travel they suggest to them are safe. However, apart from the information your tour operator may offer you, it is really a personal responsibility to stay safe during your travel.  As a traveller it is not only sensible, but also […] Read more
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Six places to visit for honeymoon in Kenya

You do not have to worry about finding an ideal place to enjoy a romantic honeymoon. There are ideal honeymoon destinations in Kenya which have unique prerequisites such as beautiful white sand beaches, which offer ideal privacy, splendid beds, elegant dining and other extravagant amenities that will make your honeymoon extraordinary. This article highlights world-class […] Read more
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Fun Things to do in Samburu

If you are new to the breathtaking tourist destination that is Samburu, you will be struck by the vast green vegetation that graces this dream-like tropical environment.  It is a very exciting locale in the Rift Valley that is home to nomadic tribes of the Samburu community. Thus, it has earned acclaim as one of […] Read more
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Places to visit in Mombasa & things to do

Mombasa is a traveler’s paradise. Being only second to Nairobi, it is the second largest city in Kenya. It has a coastal climate and cosmopolitan amenities which make it an ideal hub for tourists looking to explore its magnificent attractions. Mombasa is home to beautiful white sand beaches, lined by palm trees and flourishing coral […] Read more
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Kenyan Food

Kenya is home to various irresistible dishes which are undeniably tasty and popular among the local people and visitors.  Below are top 10 dishes in Kenya.
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General Information About Kenya

Kenya is a scenic country located along the equator and borders Ethiopia to the North, Tanzania to the south, Sudan to the North West, Uganda to the West and the Indian Ocean to the East. Geography Kenya’s geography is marked by the Great Rift Valley which cuts through the country from the North to the […] Read more
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