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9 top reasons why you should go on a Kenyan Safari.

Whenever planning a Kenyan safari you should never be in doubt that you are visiting one of the most renowned tourist destinations in Africa. You will find more thrill than you might think possible at Kenya, which marks the hallmark of East Africa’s diversity.

Here are 9 top reasons why you should go on a Kenyan Safari.

1. Kenya is home to a hospitable people 


maasai warriors kenya


The Kenyan people are arguably the top on the list of the friendliest people in the world, who go out of their way to welcome visitors. They are not only hospitable but also cooperative and thus easy to team up with. This quality makes traveling in Kenya quite easy as you can easily get help whenever you need it quite naturally without the worry of being stranded in a foreign land.

2. Good accommodation facilities

The Kenyan hospitability industry is awash with warm and luxury accommodation catering for different classes of safari makers and travelers. Therefore, you can find suitable family-friendly accommodation with ease as a majority of hotels and lodges offer packages with the comfort of travelers in mind.

3. Weather

Going on any kind of travel is much dictated by weather and what extremes or compromises you can put up with. However, Kenya is such a tropical climate area, which is generally constant all year long. Thus, you can just relax and enjoy your safari in moderate weather.

4. Rich traditional culture

From the coast of the country to its most interior countryside, Kenya boasts of different ethnicities and cultures which offer an exciting aspect of cultural tourism. There are over forty ethnicities with unique traditions that you can learn and experience first in different tribes.

5. Kenya is a gateway to the greater Eastern African Region

If you choose to go for a Kenyan safari, you will be amazed to see how strategic Kenya is accessing the diverse habitats and traditions of East Africa. Starting from Nairobi, you can are easily connected to Kenya’s interior, which opens you to the neighboring Eastern Africa countries through operational road and rail networks.

6.  Exceptional wildlife reserve experiences

Kenya is home to populous wildlife conservation reserves in which you can experience first-class and first-hand game-viewing and the rehabilitation of injured wildlife. In addition, you can meet conservationists first-hand and contribute to the good cause of conserving wildlife.

7. Hot air balloon experience

Going on a Kenyan safari is bound to be an unforgettable adventure, especially in the Maasai Mara. The Maasai Mara boasts as one of the few safari destinations in Africa in which you can enjoy a Hot Air Balloon ascend and view the beautiful landscape of the surroundings from a birds-view angle, overhead.

8. To experience a relaxing environment

A Kenyan safari offers an exceptional chance to get away from the troubles of the work environment in the modern world. The encounter of wildlife offers serene scenery for you to transit from the hassles of every day to a completely new slow-paced environment to recharge as you explore new natural habitats.

9. To experience unbridled adventure

African safaris are renowned for their intriguing adventure and unpredictable eventful twists. Kenya is irrefutably the home of safari adventure and a Kenyan safari will redefine your outlook of adventure. You will have a chance to partake in “adventure clubs” which involve basic games in the wild to full-blown undertakings in the wild with the aim of realizing eco-friendly techniques to conserve the environment.